Camp Journey

Camp Journey is a camp providing a community of hope for children and their families touched by cancer.

Dealing with childhood cancer can sometimes make “just being a kid” seem out of reach—and out of scope for the whole family. At Camp Journey, our goal is to change that perception and that reality. In this nurturing, medically supervised home-away-from-home, young cancer survivors can leave their worries behind for one magical week and immerse themselves in a fun-filled outdoor camp experience tailored expressly to their needs. Meanwhile, their families and caregivers can rest easy, knowing that trained oncology staff is on-site 24/7. 

 With roots dating to 1985, Camp Journey is a no-cost resident and day camp for children diagnosed with cancer, both on and off therapy. The camp gives these children the opportunity to spend a week in the outdoors, participating in typical camp activities while making friends with others who understand and share their situation. Along the way, they develop independence and confidence, learn new skills, and make memories to last a lifetime

Resident Camp

PROGRAM:  2:00 PM, Sunday, August 2 through 10:00 AM, Saturday August 8, 2015

Eligibility:  Ages 7 – 17

¨ A child diagnosed with cancer on active cancer therapy.

¨ A child who had bone marrow transplant (BMT) or stem cell transplantation (SCT).

¨ A child who has completed cancer therapy.

¨ A sibling of a child attending camp diagnosed with cancer (on or off therapy) or who had a BMT or SCT.

¨ A friend of a child attending camp diagnosed with cancer (on or off therapy) or who had BMT or SCT.

¨ A sibling who has attended camp in the past, who lost their brother or sister within the past 2 years, can attend camp for one year.

¨ A child from Eastern Washington, Northern Idaho and Western Montana.

 Day Camp

PROGRAM: Monday through Thursday, August 3 –6 9:15 AM – 4:00 PM

Eligibility:  Ages 5 – 7

SPECIAL NOTE:  Day Camp is a separate program from Resident Camp.  Day Camp is for cancer survivors only (no siblings/friends).  Programming is designed specifically to meet the needs of these young ones and staffing is provided to accommodate them one-on-one as needed.

¨ A child diagnosed with cancer on active therapy.

¨ A child who had a bone marrow transplant (BMY) or stem cell transplantation (SCT).

¨ A child who has completed cancer therapy.

¨ A child from Washington, Northern Idaho, and Western Montana.

Activities:  Swimming, beach games, Arts & Crafts, hikes, singing, campfires, special theme related activities and even a nap!

Family Lodging:  If your family will be traveling from a distance (1.5 hrs each way or more) lodging at a nearby hotel may be provided for you while your child attends day camp.  Lodging nights would be August 3-6, 2014.


The generous donations from caring individuals, organizations and foundations makes this unique camp available without cost to campers and their families.


Application Deadline:  May 13, 2015.

Please call for availability after this date.

To request an application packet, call Kari Allen at 509-863-7379, email or an application may be downloaded here – CAMPER APPLICATION.   The REGISTER HERE! link in the column to the right is for all events except Camp Journey.


 Volunteer Staff 

Volunteers are recruited, carefully screened and attend special training specific to this camp.     Ensuring the safety and health of the campers is our top priority.  A volunteer application may be downloaded here – Camp Journey VOLUNTEER Application 2015 or contact Kari Allen at 509-863-7379 or

Donation Opportunities

To make a donation to help a child who has experienced cancer go to camp, please click on the donate button below.

You can also help Camp Journey earn donations just by shopping with your Fred Meyer Rewards Card.  You still earn your Reward points and Fred Meyer donates toward the non profit that you have linked to your rewards card .  For more details click on Fred Meyer Fund Raiser flyer.

 How Can You Help??

Camp Journey needs the donations of the following items:

2014 Supply Needs/Wants

Cabin and Camper

  • Cabin Boxes (12) 18 gallon totes with lids
  • Box Fans (15)
  • Sleeping Bags (2)

Day Camp

  • Sleeping Mats (12)
  • Travel Pillows (12)
  • Car Seats (4)
  • Supply Bins: (3) Large totes with lids

Admin/Office Suppliles

  • Emergency Car Kits (6)
  • Portable Bull Horn (1)
  • Copy Paper, double stick tape, sharpies (20) multi packs, scissors (12), thumbtacks, pens and pencils
  • Walkie Talkies (26)
  • Medication storage units (4)
  • Craftsman Tool Chest (Lockable ) (1)
  • Extension Cords (6) (power strip with 12-15 foot extension)

Outdoor Equipment

  • Permanent Storage Building with floor (20×30)
  • Fishing Chairs (3)
  • Paddle Boats (3)
  • Kayak (1)
  • Stand-up Paddle Boards (2)
  • Life Jackets (40) assorted sized youth small to adult
  • Pop-up Awnings (5)
  • 3 seat pop-up benches (3)

Program Supplies

  • Extra large totes with lids (12) 30 gallon
  • Duct tape (lots)
  • Shelving units (4) 4 shelf plastic
  • Dress up clothes/costumes
  • Fishing poles and equipment (5)
  • Water/sand toys
  • Western themed decorations
  • Luau themed decorations
  • Archery Stands (6)
  • Archery Bows (6) assorted sizes
  • Arrows (24) assorted sizes
  • Bow Stringer (1)
  • Archery Targets (3)
  • Locked outdoor storage for Archery
  • Game Show Buzzers(6) sets
  • Hand-held compass (15)
  • Craft Supplies to include:  Acrylic paint, paint brushes, hammers, sharpies, muslin fabric, fabric markers, card stock paper… (more to come)
  • Laundry baskets (12)
  • White T-shirts with one color (black) logo printed: (200) assorted youth and adult sizes
  • Cowboy hats (100) assorted youth and adult sizes
  • Bandanas (100)