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Ross Point Women’s Retreat – April 17-19, 2020


2020 Women’s Retreat

Finding Your Identity – Crowned with Grace

You will be crowned with beauty and grace, and wisdom’s glory will wrap itself around you, making you victorious in the race.  Proverbs 4:9 (Passion Translation)

Struggling with our identity can often be at the forefront of our thoughts and emotions. We often lay into what we believe of ourselves and what others think. Here is the kicker: Jesus crowned us with beauty and grace. He loves us as we are. He created each of us in His image, even with the things we consider flaws. We are His, we are chosen, we are royal in His eyes. It is time we dig deep, find our identity and beauty in Him & find grace for ourselves, in Him.

Speaker:  Deanne Stephens

Deanne lives in Coeur D’ Alene, and has an incredible passion for Jesus and the people around her.  Her heart beats to reach the lost, listen to the father, and impart her wisdom, knowledge and understanding of God’s Word.  Deanne has three children (one married), a wonderful loving husband, and a few furry friends too! One of the activities their entire family loves to do is enjoy their boat rides on the lake!

Deanne had some major life transitions this past year that more than qualify her to teach us all about Grace.  She exudes grace and has such a loving heart we are all so incredibly blessed to hear from her!  She has pastored and spoken in front of many many groups, and is a natural leader!  She is such a fun friend to have, and she has so many “golden nuggets” I’m sure we all will be able to take home from our retreat to know what its like to be  “crowned with Grace”.


Suzanne Holling:

Suzanne Holling is a mother to three that her flourishing photography business is named after! She has an amazing husband and she has many realms of ministry in her life.  She leads two Bible studies, prays at the Healing Rooms and is a blogger @ ashes2crowns. You can find her on Instagram or Facebook! She is passionate about reaching the lost, healing the sick, loving people and so hungry to grow closer to her Lord Jesus Christ.


Brittany Sawyer: 

Brittany is a mama of 3 kiddos, farmers wife, art teacher & health and wellness coach; who resides on the beautiful Palouse. Brittany’s passion has been focusing on how to “be still” and listen Jesus intently – in all aspects of life;  especially when it comes to her family and raising her kids in a home that loves Jesus. Through learning to say no; setting time aside to be in the word and finding sweet fellowship with other women who love Jesus, Brittany has seen the fruits of “being still” and how Christ is in control (no matter how much she think’s she is). She is ecstatic to spend a weekend with you, learning along side you and finding our identity in Christ!


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