Challenge Course Opportunities

Climbing Tower, Bouldering Wall, High Ropes Course, Zip Line, Giant Swing, and Team Building Initiatives.


0613091404Challenge Course Goals:
To help individuals develop self confidence, & develop trust.
To help groups develop or enhance cooperation & unity.
To increase mutual support within a group.
To create a new level of group problem solving & leadership.
To have fun & experience adventure in a controlled, safe, & supportive environment.

VLE09 006Results:
Increased teamwork & unity.
Increased communication skills.
Increased levels of trust and cooperation.
Increased ability in creative problem solving.
And more…

The Challenge Course is a series of individual and group activities designed to produce a unique, adventuresome learning experience in a supportive atmosphere.

They are planned to build inner confidence, trust, and team building through shared struggle, communication, and accomplishment. Persistence, tenacity, and creative thinking are more important than physical strength in the cooperative search for solutions and success.

048The high elements can be used to teach climbing skills,balance, coordination, and concentration. They naturally lend themselves to teaching confidence and understanding of perceived risk, while being very safe. A heightened sense of trust and accomplishment for the individual and the group can be achieved through the high course.

jclimbLow elements and initiatives, with minimal or no props, are designed to build teamwork, cooperation, communication, goal setting and achieving,trust, and support. Individuals are encouraged to become effective group members using problem solving skills, communication, and cooperation to reach their goals.


09VLE BalloonThe Challenge Course is designed to be used by groups from 10 to 15 in number, from 2-4 hours. Several groups can be operating at the same time. Facilitators are trained to lead groups from 10 years to Senior Citizens, and varying fitness levels. Programs can be designed to fit church groups, families, school groups, scouts, corporate groups, and more. A willingness to participate in something different, fun, educational, dynamic, and challenging is important.

Excellent meals & comfortable lodging are available!

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